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Hassle Free Price Protection Plans

DOC offers two price protection plans designed to take the hassle of out guessing what your fuel costs will be each heating season. By enrolling in one of our plans, you’ll protect your wallet from unexpected price swings and weather conditions that impact your actual bill amount.

Listed below is a brief summary of the two plans DOC offers with more detailed information located on the following pages.

Monthly Budget Plan with Downside Protection

DOC’s price protection budget plans are designed to help reduce the impact of your heating bills by spreading your annual heating costs evenly over a period of time. Our plan is offered with downside protection so you pay the lowest posted price at the time of your delivery. Specific details about this plan can be found on the monthly budget plans page.

Monthly Budget Plan

Pre-Paid Fixed Plan

This plan requires the customer to pay the full amount of their anticipated annual fuel consumption upfront, at the beginning of the heating season, at a fixed price. The plan will expire at the end of the heating season (May 31st) or when the purchased gallons are consumed, whichever occurs first. Specific details about this plan can be found on the pre-paid fixed plan page.

Pre-Paid Fixed Plan

Feel free to call your local DOC Comfort Center for more information.

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