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DOC offers heating fuel payment options to help budget winter fuel costs.
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DOC’s Equal Pay Plan is a monthly payment plan with an added 5₵ per gallon price discount on qualifying gallons. The monthly payment calculation is an estimation based on your annual heating costs multiplied by the daily posted price then divided by the number of months in the plan. Customers signing up for automatic bill pay during the duration of this plan will receive an additional 2₵ discount.

Enrollment – opens in June with the plan ending on May 31.
Eligibility– customer must be credit approved with a Fill or Open Limit and have a zero balance on account at the time of enrollment. 350 gallon minimum.

  • Equal monthly payments
  • Automatic delivery
  • 5₵ price discount
  • An additional 2₵ discount for choosing automatic bill-pay
  • No contract or downside protection

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