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When it comes to your home or business, dependability from your local propane dealer is crucial. As your local propane dealer, DOC Propane’s complete line of quality brand name propane appliances and services are designed to make your life easier and more comfortable.

DOC is committed to customer service and provides the best possible propane delivery experience to ensure your satisfaction. We deliver propane, provide 24-7 emergency service and employ fully trained and licensed technicians who take pride in providing reliable services for all of your propane needs.

By choosing DOC Propane, you can be rest assured you’ll have a heating source that will keep your family warm and your business running for years to come.

Why fuel with propane?
Propane is a versatile fuel that can meet many of your home or business energy needs. Propane can be used in many indoor applications such as to heat hot water, for central heating, to fire up a fireplace insert, room heater, or a kitchen cook top and is commonly used in the laundry room to operate a clothes dryer. Outside, propane fuels grills, outdoor fireplaces, swimming pools, hot tubs, generators, farm equipment and commercial equipment.

Let DOC help you discover the propane service that’s right for you. Sign up today to become a new DOC customer or contact your local DOC Comfort Center to learn how DOC Propane is Fueling the Community.

Propane Safety
Propane has a long-standing history of safety. It is also highly regulated, which helps support propane’s safety record. The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) has set standards for propane use and storage. Propane is naturally odorless, colorless and non-toxic, although a scent is added to detect if a leak has occurred.

What to do if You Smell Propane:

  1. Do not turn any devices ON or OFF. This includes light switches, phones, computers, flashlights or appliances.
  2. Immediately instruct all inhabitants to leave the home or commercial building.
  3. Do not try to find the source of the leak.
  4. Use a phone or cell phone outside of the building area where the propane was detected, and notify us, Daigle Oil Company, ASAP at 1-800-794-4362.
  5. If the propane is detected outside, preferably move upwind from the detection location.

Safety Tips:

  1. Propane appliances should have proper air circulation at all times.
  2. The flame should burn blue in color. A yellow or orange flame may indicate poor venting or combustion.
  3. Keep flammable or combustible materials away from propane appliances and storage tanks.
  4. Use propane appliances for their original designed use.
  5. Never use cooking stoves for heating.
  6. Always maintain a fire extinguisher in your home.

If you have any questions about safety or the use or installation of propane, please call us. Our knowledgeable and professional staff will be glad to help you out. 1-800-794-4362

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