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Boiler Options for your Heating Needs

Hydronic boiler systems offer many benefits to your home including an even and consistent form of heat, at a higher level of efficiency. Boiler systems allow for a convenient solution to your heating needs by keeping your home warm as well as providing domestic hot water. DOC has numerous boilers to best suit your home or business and here are the common brands we carry. Take a minute to research the brands below that may best suit you.

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Oil/Propane Boilers
Whether you heat with oil, are looking to convert your heating system to propane or want to add propane as your primary source of heat, DOC stands behind these brands:



Wood Boilers as a Green, Efficient Way to Heat
If you are looking for ways to conserve energy and are environmentally conscious, consider heating your home or business with a wood boiler. Wood boilers offer cost-effective, reliable heating from a renewable source: wood; a resource plentiful in Maine.

DOC sells and stands behind a selection of wood boilers of which one might be the right choice for your needs: 


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