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Fueling Growth and Success Over the Years

DOC’s History

Daigle Oil Company, better known as DOC, was founded in 1955 by Guy Daigle in Fort Kent, Maine. He started with one fuel truck, delivering fuel oil and kerosene to Fort Kent and surrounding areas.

In 1958, Guy built his first gasoline station on the corner of Fort Kent’s East and West Main Streets. He expanded his retail gas and fuel oil business with the purchase of Johnston Oil and Valley Service Station in Madawaska in 1965. At that time, he changed his company’s name to Johnston Oil. When he purchased the petroleum division of the Aroostook Federation of Farmers in Presque Isle in 1974, he changed the company name back to Daigle Oil Company.

Through the years, Guy continued to expand his fuel oil business by purchasing smaller companies such as the Presque Isle division of Thompson Oil Company and Davis Oil Company in New Sweden. DOC’s retail gas business also continued to grow when Guy built a new fuel office and Gulf station on North Main Street in Presque Isle. In 1982, DOC initiated its unique Try to Catch Us policy that is still in effect today.

Although he remained an active force as Chairman of the Board, Guy retired in 1983 and handed the reins over to his son, Rick. Following his father’s lead, Rick purchased Al’s Sunoco in Caribou and completely renovated it in 1986 to include two shop bays and Maine’s first completely touchless turbo car wash, the Gentlebear car wash. It was at the grand opening of this site that a local DJ coined the term “DOC’s Place”, which has become well-known throughout the state.

In 1987, DOC purchased the former Tower Restaurant at the Bangor Street Triangle in Houlton and completely renovated the building and grounds to a new CITGO station with a Gentlebear car wash and 3 self-serve car wash bays. A Citgo station on Route 1A in Brewer followed shortly thereafter. The Company logo, DOC, was formally launched in 1989. The following year, DOC’s fuel oil price protection plans were introduced to the public. This innovative idea quickly flourished and was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal on August 15, 1990. The director of Maine’s State Planning Office praised DOC for this plan, which he accurately predicted would “forever change the way Maine people purchase fuel oil and kerosene.” This was also the year when DOC introduced another innovative product to the people of Aroostook County known as radiant floor heating systems.

In 1991, DOC introduced the DOC CARD, a proprietary charge card offering 24-hour automated service at all DOC’s Place locations, and assumed ownership of the Fort Kent Self-Serve car wash on Main Street. The DOC’s Place CITGO station, with a state-of-the-art Touchless Plus Tunnel Wash, was built in 1992 on the corner of Hogan Road and Stillwater Avenue in Bangor. The following year, a convenience store was added to this location.

Through the years, DOC’s heating oil business continued to expand with the purchase of Transark Oil Company in Ashland, James Oil Company of Oakfield, Paul’s Heating of Frenchville, Ouellette’s Fuel of Caribou, Porters Oil of Island Falls and Worcester Brothers in Lincoln.

DOC’s Place convenience store-truck stop on Route 1 in Houlton was built in 1996. This facility also houses a 32-seat Subway restaurant.
In 1998, DOC acquired Worcester Brothers in Lincoln, and completely remodeled the site into a convenience store and heating oil office.

Celebrating the spirit, grit and perseverance it took to build Daigle Oil Company, owners, staff and customers helped celebrate 50 years of being in business in 2005.

Growth of the company continued in the years to follow. DOC expanded their energy product line with the addition of propane (DOC Propane) in 2010 and bulk pellets (DOC BIOFUEL) in 2012.

In October of 2012, DOC expanded its Aroostook County presence by acquiring MPG Energy’s petroleum division, which makes up the heating oil, propane, diesel, gasoline and service portion of the business with customers in the greater Presque Isle and Houlton markets.

October 1, 2015 marked the day Daigle Oil Company became 100% employee owned through an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). DOC employees now have a personal interest in the success of the company and can benefit financially based on the company’s success. This allows employees to take pride in what they do while producing a culture of ownership and teamwork, which ultimately benefits the customer.
DOC’s position in the local energy market strengthened again in June of 2016 when the company acquired Perham Oil with accounts primarily located in the Washburn, Perham and Caribou areas. The gain of the #2 fuel and kerosene business allowed DOC another opportunity to market propane, equipment and service to these new customers.

Today DOC has grown to become a leading energy provider employing 185 employees who work together as a team to continue the vision that was started by its founder, Guy Daigle, so many years ago. DOC provides residents and businesses in Northern and Central Maine with a range of products and services. DOC delivers oil, kerosene, propane, gasoline and diesel; installs and services heating and cooling systems and sells alternative heating options such as wood boilers and propane heating systems. DOC also operates ten DOC’s Place motor fuel locations and eight North Maine Woods fueling depots.

Daigle Oil Company Mission Statement

Daigle Oil Company will provide the best service and products at a fair price, delivered by the highest quality employees, with clean and efficient facilities.

Customer Service Pledge

Daigle Oil Company feels so strongly about giving you great service and fair prices that we’re willing to put it in writing so our customers can hold us accountable. As a Daigle Oil customer, you have the right to let us know if we ever let you down in any way. All we ask in return is that you don’t ever leave us without first exercising this right.

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