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Say Goodbye to Cold Tile Floors

Homeowners using radiant heat, also known as hydronic heat, enjoy a quiet, energy-efficient heating system that keeps their homes and families warm and comfortable all year long. Radiant heat uses hot water, which is piped through the flooring system, to heat the home providing comfort while increasing system efficiency.

The appeal of this heating method is it heats your home by warming the floor evenly and consistently. Imagine the comfort of walking around on a warm floor during the cold winter months? Plus, each space can be individually controlled improving efficiency by using heat only where and when it is needed.

Consider heating with radiant heat and say goodbye to cold tile floors. Your kitchen and bathroom tiles will never be cold to the touch, but instead, will radiate gentle warmth that makes the morning walk to the shower easy on your bare feet.

Do You Question if Radiant Heat is Right for Your Home?
DOC’s trained sales team and/or qualified technicians will gladly visit your home to determine if this option is right for your heating needs.

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