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Oil Tank Insurance / TankSure®

DOC provides ultrasonic oil tank inspections included with our tune ups and also included in our boiler and furnace service plans. The TankSure® program ensures protection by conducting an inspection and ultrasonic test of above ground residential and commercial fuel oil storage tanks. The test uses an EPA approved technology to determine the thickness of the tank and detects the level of corrosion inside the oil tank. The test takes about ten minutes, and is normally conducted during an annual tune up of your heating system by DOC’s trained technicians. Customers whose tanks have been tested will be notified by our representatives if their tank qualifies for the program. Qualified tanks will be protected with a $1500 proactive tank replacement warranty.

Benefits of the Program Include:

  • EPA Approved test for Corrosion
  • $1500 Tank Replacement Credit
  • Coverage Transferable to New Homeowner if You Sell Your Home
  • Discounts on Homeowner Insurance Premiums May be Offered by Certain Insurers

Customers whose tanks do not qualify into the program will receive a $200 oil tank replacement credit.

Dangers of a Leaky Oil Tank

Often, an oil tank may look fine from the outside but could be wearing excessively thin on the inside. The last thing a homeowner wants to deal with is a leaky tank. A leaking fuel oil tank can become a serious fire and environmental hazard. Whether the tank is located inside or outside the home, a spill can contaminate groundwater affecting private wells or other nearby drinking water supplies.

Fuel oil that has spilled into a residential basement can pose a serious health hazard, threatening indoor air quality.

Anyone who owns a fuel oil tank has a legal responsibility to properly maintain it and to clean up any spills or leaks that may occur. Homeowners are also responsible under the Environmental Protection Act for reporting any leak or spill from a tank that could cause property damage or health, safety or environmental problems.

Cleaning up a spill from a home heating oil tank is an expensive exercise. The removal of oil from a basement, or the cleanup of contaminated soil and water can often cost more than the property is worth, and damage may not be fully covered by the homeowner’s insurance.

Protect Your Home and the Environment

Enroll in a DOC service plan where the TankSure® Program is included or call your local DOC Comfort Center to schedule your TankSure® Inspection today.

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