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Budget CAP Payment Plan

DOC’s budget cap payment plan helps take the guesswork out of what your fuel bills will be during the heating season. We will estimate your annual heating cost then divide your annual cost into equal monthly payments at a capped price through May. You pay the capped price for each delivery even if the price of heating fuel goes up. And, if the price of heating fuel falls below the capped price, you pay the lower price as part of the downside protection. Yes! This is a plan that passes the savings on to you! This plan includes a fee for the downside protection, but also comes with the convenience of equal monthly payments, security of automatic delivery and price protection assurance.


Enrollment period opens in June with the plan ending on May 31.


This plan is available to new and existing customers under the following conditions:

  • Customer must be credit approved
  • Customer must have a zero balance on their account at the time of enrollment


  • Equal monthly payments – By spreading your payments from the time you begin the contract until the end of May, you gain the security of knowing exactly what you will pay each month. Even if you get more than one delivery in a months’ time, you only have to pay the one monthly budget payment.
  • Automatic delivery – Takes the worry out of scheduling a delivery or running out of fuel
  • Downside protection – Guarantees the lowest price for all your contracted gallons
  • Automatic bill pay (optional) – Saves time and postage associated with mailing a check or visiting our office to drop off a payment. Paying through direct pay is fast, easy and secure. We will automatically debit your checking account, credit card or debit card the budgeted amount on the 10th of the month through the duration of your contract.

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