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Consider Budgeting Your Fuel Costs for the 2020-2021 Heating Season
with a DOC Budget Cap Plan

There is no telling what mother nature has in store for us this coming winter! Will we see an unusually mild heating season, or are we in for a typical cold Maine winter? Either way, you can keep your home heating costs manageable with a heating oil or propane DOC budget cap plan.

How does the DOC Budget Cap plan help make fuel costs manageable?

Ninety percent of your annual fuel consumption is spent during the colder heating season (November – April). This means the heating fuel bills you receive during the colder months are typically higher than the other months in the year.

Say goodbye to surprising bills! By choosing DOC’s Budget Cap Plan, we will take your estimated annual
gallons, multiply these with the capped price, add a downside protection fee, and divide that figure over the course of 11 months to determine your monthly payment.* This way, you will pay a fixed amount monthly, making it easier to budget for other family expenses.

What is downside protection?

Downside protection assures that If prices rise, you will be capped at the set price, yet if prices fall below the capped price at the time of delivery, you will be billed at the lower price.

How do I enroll?

Enrolling is easy. Call your local DOC Home Comfort Center to see if you qualify. If you are not a current customer, simply fill out the Become a Customer Form and indicate that you would like to be considered for the Winter Cap plan.

Consider Enrolling in a DOC BUDGET Cap Plan today!!

*A Winter Cap Plan is a contractual, 11-month downside protection payment plan. Customers enrolling in June will begin payment in July through May. May is always the 11 th month of the plan. Calculations for customers enrolling later than June will be based on the remaining months in the plan year.

I have done business with DOC for many years and have enjoyed the old fashioned customer friendly approach. Attendants are always friendly and provide immediate service. I am thankful to this service in town! Thanks!

Sam Henderson Northern Maine Realty, Houlton, Maine

“I just wanted you to know that the young folks working at DOC’S Place in Bangor demonstrated the best customer service skills and you should be commended. I regularly stop at DOC’s Place for car washes, but will now also start purchasing my gas there.”

Mary Anne Hillery, DOC fueling customer

“I had an excellent experience at Daigle Oil over the holidays. It is not often that you see customer service to this standard and it certainly caught my eye.”

Jamie Bosse, DOC fueling customer

“I was very happy with the service Daigle Oil’s driver and technician provided. Randy was very pleasant and Vernon explained things very well. I want you to know your employees do a great job.”

Rhonda Sherman, DOC Customer since February 2017

“Josh at your Bangor DOC’S Place location was simply perfect. He was incredibly pleasant and so thoughtful. Our visit was a wonderful breath of fresh air. We haven’t seen or experienced service at a gas station like Josh and DOC provided in decades.”

Mary Howard, DOC fueling customer

“Thank-you everyone at Daigle Oil for another year of the best service out there. Special thanks to Dave, Leslie and everyone who makes everything come together.”

Dale Foley, DOC customer 22 years

“I am super impressed with your DOC’S Place Fort Kent staff. They are so incredibly nice, prompt and very courteous.”

Lori Barnes, DOC fueling customer

“ The absolute best in quality and service hands down. I recommend Daigle to everyone. ”

Sean Brickman, 15 Year Commercial Customer

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