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DOC Charge Card

Having a DOC charge card in your wallet is smart. Especially if you enjoy a full service fueling experience, easy to understand billing statements and the convenience of not having to pay cash at the pump.

Families with more than one card can take advantage of our vehicle analysis statement, which maps out the date and time of each transaction, product purchased, location of purchase, gallons, total gallons and price per unit per card.

This feature also benefits the business owner managing a fleet of two or more vehicles.

Keep in mind that our DOC charge card is not a credit card. Credit cards allow you to carry a revolving balance month to month whereas the terms of the DOC card require you to pay off your statement balance each month and not carry over a balance. Cards with outstanding balances risk being locked out, so please, consider this carefully before applying for the card. Cards are issued to those who are credit approved and can be locked at any time if the terms and conditions on the back of the application and the monthly statement are not met.

If you are interested in applying for a DOC charge card, please fill out our application.

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