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What is DOC WATCH?

remote home monitors

Protect your home, business or recreational property with a DOC Watch Monitor. This new and reliable remote service can monitor fuel tank levels, room temperature, the operation of your heating system and can even detect the presence of water in the basement. Advanced technology using remote sensors allows us to monitor your home, camp or business so you don’t have to!

Alerts are sent to DOC so we can respond to an emergency 24-7, 365 days a year whether you are home or not. 

How does it Work?

DOC’s sophisticated remote system receives the activity and status of each device daily. Emergency notifications are provided instantly so DOC can respond proactively to the alarms 24-7, 365 days a year. The system’s technology is also designed with a battery backup to ensure reports are generated during power outages resulting in added dependability and accuracy.

DOC Watch monitors are versatile and are ideal for use residentially or commercially. These monitors can be installed in furnace rooms to monitor burner lock out, in computer rooms or in grocery store freezers to monitor temperature and in areas where water may be a concern such as in basements or where sensitive equipment needs to be protected from water damage.

Customers with camps or who leave their Maine home for the winter benefit from this service too!

Contact us or stop by one of our Home Comfort Centers to learn more about how DOC Watch Monitors may benefit your home or business.

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