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DOC is Committed to Providing Reliable Services and Innovative Solutions to Our Customers.

We know the challenges Mother Nature presents while living in Maine. Winters can be frigid and cold and summers can be mild and warm to often times, sticky hot. Mainer’s lifestyles are busy too. Between work, the kids’ schedules and the desire to enjoy time at the lake or spend the day skiing on the slopes, Maniacs don’t have much time to worry about heating or cooling systems, propane or fuel tank levels or billing concerns.

Here at DOC, we offer reliable services and a variety of solutions to simplify your life so you can have more time to enjoy the beautiful resources around you.

Find out why your neighbors warm up and cool off with DOC. Welcome us into your home and take advantage of our free in home consultation. We have the professional expertise, equipment and trained support to help make your heating and cooling transition go smoothly.

Contact your local DOC Comfort Center to find out more.