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Fueling Efficiency with Bulk Pellets

Wood Pellets


DOC Comfort Centers provide local one stop shopping for all your pellet heating needs. Our pellet business is branded as DOC BIOFUEL, which encompasses bulk deliveries, installation and service. What does that mean? We deliver the highest quality wood pellets by way of our bulk delivery truck right to your home or business. Our bulk truck holds up to 16 tons of loose pellets, which flow through a hose right to a fill pipe at your location and is deposited and stored in one of many storage units that we sell.

Consider Making the Switch

Know that our highly trained customer service and sales staff will help you select the right pellet stove or boiler as well as help you determine the best storage option for your heating needs. They will do so while keeping your budget, space constraints and expectations in mind.

Why Use DOC BIOFUEL Premium Wood Pellets?

Wood pellets are a heating fuel made of clean, compressed sawdust. They are extremely efficient, easy to use, renewable, and 100% natural. Pellets reduce carbon emissions by 4.8 tons and support the domestic economy and local jobs. DOC’s premium wood pellets are manufactured locally with features of 100% recycled wood, a low ash content and burns 8700 BTUS per pound, which translates to a clean, long burn.

Easy Storage

The average household will burn three tons of pellets a year. Such volume requires storage, and at DOC, we sell a variety of storage unit options well suited for indoor or outdoor locations where space is limited. Choices include storage units that hold as little as three tons to larger capacity units. These also come in multiple sizes and configurations depending on your requirements. The good news is, these storage options can be placed just about anywhere, in the garage, the shed or the basement.

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